Paxamore was created because ever since I played King's Quest over 25 years ago I wanted to make a similar game but with multiplayer capabilities. I never got around to it. In fact, I started making many games but never finished any of them. Fast forward 25 years in the future: I found a game called Peasant's Quest, which was a parody of King's Quest. It was fun walking down memory lane. After I completed Peasant's Quest in a few hours, I decided that it was time to make the multiplayer adventure game in the old school adventure style.

Little did I know that it would be so much work. I started making Paxamore around March of 2011 and released the first beta test to the public in January of 2013.


Created and Programmed By
Jeff Baker

Graphic Artwork
Jeff Baker
Vivian Lee

Additional Artwork
Tiffani Baker

Beta Testers
Charles Lingenfelter
Hannah Hufft
Tiffani Baker
Vivian Lee

History and Bug Fixes

1/27/2012 - v. 0.95 Fixed a number of bugs and added additional features for iPhone/iPad iOS and desktop users:

  1. Fixed iPhone/iPad bug where users could not walk easily on screens with water (inclduing initial screen)
  2. Created nicer viewport layout for mobile devices
  3. Easier to drag and drop items from inventory to the ground
  4. Revised Help Menu

1/20/2012 - v. 0.9 Public Beta Test Started

6/23/2012 - v. 0.8 Private Beta Test Started