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Scan your website for potential security vulnerabilites

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Here is a php script to check your Apache/PHP website for potential security vulnerabilities. Also if your site has been hacked this php script can scan for potential content injection by hackers.


  • Checks Apache and PHP versions
  • Checks Crontab jobs
  • Scans files for mysql injection vulnerabilities
  • Scans files for scripts that can send email
  • Informs of files that have been added or modified recently on the server
  • Scans files for SPAM words that might have been injected by a hacker
  • Scans for 666 file permissions and 777 folder permissions
  • Scans for files that are php files but are disguised as image files
  • Checks for scripts that have the ability to accept uploading of files
  • Checks for .user.ini, php.ini, .htacess, httpd.conf hacked settings and vulnerabilities
  • Checks for potential redirects by hackers in scripts


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How To Use

Download the file and then you can customize the following settings if you desire:

Before uploading this file to your server you should rename it to a random name so that hackers can't use it to find vulnerabilities. Upload the php file to you server and then go to the file in your browser for checking.

Last updated on July 8, 2019
Created on July 8, 2019

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