How To Fix Chrome Background From Black Back To White

Why is Chrome background dark today?

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I woke up this morning and turned on my Windows desktop computer and Chrome browser had a dark background. I did not ask for it to have dark background. Apparently Google decided to automatically switch Chrome to a dark background with an update without asking for my permission.

It was almost black. But actually it was a very dark gray. rgb(18,18,18) hex: #121212. This was on a Windows 7 PC. I thought maybe it was only Windows 7, so I turned on my Windows 10 laptop to check. Chrome also had a dark background on my Windows 10 laptop. It wasn't just the Google home page that was dark but every website had a dark or black background.

Very annoying for Chrome to switch to a dark theme by itself. If anything I would want the background to be solid black not dark gray or rgb(18,18,18).

How To Fix Chrome Background From Black Back To White

  1. Go to chrome://flags/ in Chrome.
  2. Click in the "🔍 Search flags" box and type dark
  3. Now Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents should be at the top. Mine had been changed to Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements. Click on th drop down box and then click on "Default".
  4. At the bottom Chrome will ask you to "Relaunch" the browser. So click on Relaunch

Now websites should be back to a normal background color again. But if you feel like having dark backgrounds for websites then you can experiment with Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents settings in chrome://flags/ when you are ready to. Not when Chrome forces you to.

Last updated on January 13, 2023
Created on January 13, 2023