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Created: April 18, 2014
Last Modified: January 3, 2017
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This all started when I decided to find a place to submit a screenplay for a dream I had with a murder mystery. I searched for where to submit my screenplay but I mainly found a bunch of websites that wanted to show me HOW to submit a script but not where!

So I created this website to be a helpful resource for aspiring screen writers to actually find useful contact info. Contacts for agencies or producers or production companies to submit their original screenplay or script to.

There are many websites that tell you to submit to CONTESTS for screenplays. But there are thousands of submissions to each contest every year and only a few winners. The submission prices are $35 to $65 per contest. The contest runners are making a ton of money.

There are also many websites that look like scams for screenplay writers. They offer to have professionals look at your screenplay and tell you if it is any good. You pay anywhere from $25 to $50 a month for this! Usually the professional (who is not an agent or production company contact) will tell you that your writing is not good enough.

So on this website I want to mainly stick to FREE resources of WHERE to submit your script for consideration. Please use the comments section to comment about any free contact information or free contests for screenplay writers.

The only pay for item

This is the only pay for item I want to list on here: Hollywood Screenwriting Directory Spring/Summer Volume 4: A Specialized Resource for Discovering Where & How to Sell Your Screenplay

Many websites will tell you that you need this resource of agents and producers to try and submit your screenplay to quite a few of them. Let me know if it worked for you.

Free Resources

Free Contests

Free Writing Programs

  • Disney ABC Writing Program . Submit a script for a half hour or one hour television series that is currently in production. If accepted as a program participant you become an employee of Disney/ABC and will be paid a weekly salary of $961.54 ($50,000.00 annualized). Apply May 5-June 13, 2014. Like their Facebook page for updates.
  • Nickelodeon Writing Program . The Nickelodeon Program provides a salaried position for up to one year and offers hands-on experience writing spec scripts and pitching story ideas in both live action and animation television. Submit a spec script based on a half-hour television series that is currently on-air.
  • NBC Universal Writers on the Verge . Writers on the Verge is a 12-week program focused on polishing writers and readying them for a staff writer position on a television series. Submit aproperly formatted television spec screenplay based on a show between May 1, 2014 - May 30, 2014 .
  • CBS Writers Mentoring Program . The CBS Writers Mentoring Program is not employment and there is no monetary compensation. Submission Period: MARCH 3, 2014 - MAY 1, 2014 .
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1. Posted By: SASIDHARAN VATTOLIL - - June 18, 2020, 4:17 am
This is a wonderful idea to share what you know.
That is beneficial for many, like myself.
After writing two screenplay for feature film and also for one short film, I was searching where to submit this, for those who are in need of.
There may be many, but I don't know who they are. Perhaps the man who is expecting in my next door could not find me with a script in my hand. So he is searching for a good screenplay. This will bring great help to those people
NAMASTE for this
Regards. An Indian who know what is film.